Judy Shaw – Birth Doula

Educating, empowering, and comforting you through your birth.

Serving families in the central Kansas area.

My Services

Birth Doula Service

I will accompany you through the birth process to provide encouragement and support both emotionally and physically. I will work hard to help you have the birth experience you desire.

Postpartum Doula Service

As a postpartum doula, I will provide care during the first days or weeks after childbirth. I’ll do all sorts of things to help ease your transition to new parenthood.

Bereavement Doula Service

I will work with you during any birth, in any trimester, and in any outcome. I will support you physically and emotionally in this traumatic time and will always honor your loss.

About Me

Hello! I’m Judy and I am a birth, bereavement, postpartum, and adoption doula serving mothers in central Kansas.

Every doula has a personal story about why they have a desire to support women and help them have the best birth experience possible. My own story begins with my own birth experiences with my six children. As I think back, I know without a doubt that having a doula would have changed things immensely.

A doula would have gotten me out of bed, had me walk, and change positions regularly.

A doula would have been there to give my husband much needed breaks instead of the constant vigil he kept by my bedside hour after long hour.

A doula would have given us suggestions of how to lessen the pain of back labor.

That’s why when my daughter and son-in-law asked me to be their doula for the birth of their son, I was thrilled (to put it mildly). What a pleasure it was to help them have the birth they desired. Being involved throughout labor and delivery, being able to support, validate, and give information was such a humbling experience.

Watching that precious baby come into this world was the most amazing and satisfying feeling I’ve ever experienced. I realized then that every woman deserves the opportunity to experience the birth she wants.

Thus began my journey of becoming a certified doula.* In addition to birth and bereavement, I am also a postpartum doula, allowing me to provide care during the first days or weeks after childbirth, helping ease the transition to new parenthood.

In the case of infant loss, I will walk beside you and honor your tiny loved one.

I would love to help you in any way possible, so please contact me at 620-755-0843 if you have any questions. You can also write me on Facebook, or look me up (by zip code) at doulamatch.net.

*I am a birth, adoption, and bereavement doula certified through Stillbirthday. The name refers to those times when there is infant loss in any trimester, it is still a birthday.


She timed contractions, gave helpful ideas, got me food, spoke uplifting words, wrote down the events of the evening so I would have records to look back on, and was just there offering her presence and help. When things got rough and hours and hours went by, she was still there, holding my hand.”


Judy was the doula for my son’s birth and it was a huge help to both my wife and I. Her constant support and experience was reassuring and she knew just what my wife needed in order to feel confident throughout the whole thing.


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